PTU: Samantha Ayers


Samantha Rivers, affectionately called "Sammy", is the only child of Apex Group's president, Jonathan Rivers. She is a bright, young child that enjoys interacting with and learning about Pokémon. Thanks to her father and grandfather, she also has a keen interest in technology but she could never really understand it that well. She thinks it is super cool though.

She lived most of her life being taken care of by her loving parents but due to several events, Samantha is currently being raised by her aunt, Claire Ayers, in Carnelport City. Fortunately, Samantha was never given any attention despite Jonathan and Apex's fame, which helps her live a normal life. To make sure that she is not known as the daughter of Jonathan Rivers, she goes by Samantha Ayers, taking her aunt's last name for the time being.

You can either find her at school, playing soccer with her friends, or helping out and taking care of Pokémon in the Pokémon Research Facility. At the moment, she is currently living a happy and healthy life with her aunt. Although she often misses being with her father from time to time.

Her favourite Pokémon is Piplup.

The Star Child
Age: 11 Location: Carnelport City
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