PTU: Professor Derrick Maple


Derrick Maple is the head Pokémon Professor in the Vraiterre Region. His primary field of research is in Pokémon types in accordance to the environment, more specifically, "type-shifted" Pokémon and elusive "shiny" Pokémon that are more than a different colouration than the rest of their species. However, due to the rarity of such Pokémon, Derrick Maple's secondary field of research is the relationship between Pokémon and humans under the supervision of world-renowned Pokémon Professor, Samuel Oak.

His main research facility in Carnelport City is a massive place which houses hundreds of different Pokémon species. Anyone is invited to visit the facility to interact with the Pokémon in order to help their research. Many beginning trainers who have helped out and interacted with the Pokémon have found their own starters there. The facility is also home to a lot of Pokémon scientist, engineers, and professors-to-be, where different experiments, inventions, and other research topics are developed.

Due to his position as the head Professor, Maple rarely makes public appearances. He is often working in his own office dealing with a lot of paper work.

His trademark scar was caused years before during his time as a trainer. Don't ask about it.

Pokémon Professor
Age: 34 Location: Carnelport City
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