PTU: Leader Vent Kallok


Aviation, Speed


Vent Kallok is a pilot and Gym Leader of Carnelport City. He was originally born in the Unova region and was childhood friends and rivals with another flying pilot/Gym Leader, Skyla. They were always pitted against each other, seeing who is the better out of the two. Unfortunately for Vent, it seems that Skyla was often the one who comes out on top. Their friendly rivalry ended when Vent reluctantly moved away to the Vraiterre region due to his parents answering the call for more pilots there.

He lived a fairly simple and boring life once he got settled into the region. He realized how boring his life was without having some rival there to push him to do more. But it allowed him to find more about himself and get into different types of hobbies. Vent eventually stumbled upon the delight of being a stunt pilot and doing incredible tricks in the air. He was given the title The Red Lightning due to his incredible speed and precision that is also translated into his Pokémon battles.

He was at peace with his life until he caught wind that Skyla became an official Gym Leader of Mistralton. After hearing the news, he was revived with new vigor to catch up to his childhood friend once again. He doubled his effort in his flight training and Pokémon combat with hopes that he could stand next her again as flying Gym Leaders. His new-found direction pushed him further as an ace pilot and trainer until he qualified as a Gym Leader.

The two pilots finally reunited once again fighting against each other in the Pokémon World Tournament, one red and one blue. It was a legendary battle between pilots but Skyla continued to beat Vent once again. From then on, Vent vowed that one day he will beat her. At least he got her number.

But he definitely doesn't have a thing for Skyla though. Definitely just a rival relationship.

The Red Lightning
Type: flying.png
Age: 25 Location: Carnelport City
Battle Theme:
Signature Pokémon Theme:
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