PTU: Leader Tristan Muller


Manipulation, Paranormal, Isolation


Tristan Muller is regarded as one of the youngest to be a Gym Leader in Pokémon League history alongside Psychic Twins Tate & Liza when they first debuted. He is the Gym Leader of Eudiaunt Town. It may seem that Tristan is some sort of Pokémon prodigy for being a Leader at a young age, but based on observations he is an average child for his age with nothing special to note. But what makes him stand apart is how different he acts when he is in a Pokémon battle, as if you are fighting someone else instead of some kid you expect him to be.

His status as a Gym Leader does not affect him too much as a student, but he is often left alone by his classmates. When questioned about it and if he feels lonely he responds with, "I'm OK. I have my Pokémon partners with me, so I'm never alone." When asking his classmates why, it is usually because "he is weird".

Tristan found his ace Pokémon in a school that was abandoned years ago in the outskirts of town. The school was unceremoniously closed and left there to rot after a strange fire consumed the place but leaving it intact. It is reported that Tristan was never the same once he first visited and met a strange Solosis that he made his partner Pokémon. But from there, his performance in Pokémon battles spiked unnaturally to veteran levels eventually leading him to become a Gym Leader.

If you want to find Tristan, he is either at school or at home playing video games. Since he doesn't have a lot of friends, he doesn't go out often. But whenever something dangerous is going on and the call for the Gym Leaders is needed, he is there. But when you want to challenge him for a badge, talk to his parents, then you must meet him at the abandoned school at night.

Nothing is wrong with him though. He is a perfectly fine, normal, young boy.

Ghost Boy
Type: ghost.png
Age: 11 Location: Eudiaunt Town
Battle Theme:
Signature Pokémon Theme:
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