PTU: Leader Raine Sierra


Diving, Marine Biology


Raine Sierra was born and raised in the Hoenn Region, a landmass surrounded by a vast ocean with many small islands dotted around the place. Some of her earliest memories as a child are of swimming and fishing in the water off the coast of Dewford Town. These formative experiences were the foundation that lead her to become the Gym Leader of Benitcoast City and Vraiterre's foremost expert in marine biology.

Her family moved from Hoenn to a coastal city on an island in Vraiterre when she was only ten years old, trading the sunny skies for a colder climate. It didn't bother Raine as much, however, since she was able to bring her beloved Water Type Pokémon along with her. It exceptionally interested her to see how her companions would adapt to the new, different environment and how the local native Pokémon would react to their intrusion.

Through this interest, a curious, yet analytical side of Raine was borne. The more time she spent watching the Water Type Pokémon in the wild, the more she wanted to know even more about them. This spurred her to begin studying Pokémon from a scientific perspective. Since then, Raine has become one of the region's most prominent and respected scientists. Her knowledge of Water Types and other ocean-dwelling creatures is second-to-none, but she does not boast of her knowledge or accept any awards of her achievements.

When not doing her Gym Leader duties, she can be found swimming or scuba diving alongside her team for more information in her research. The sheer amount time she spends in the water has earned her the nickname: "Maiden of the Deep Blue."

Raine is an intelligent and rational woman, but she values two things above all else: compassion and hands-on experience. She believes that cold stoicism is no substitute for love and kindness, including scientific procedures, and that you can learn more in the field and with Pokémon battle than you can in a lab.

She has this really cute, but dorky laugh especially when given water-based puns.

Maiden of the Deep Blue
Type: water.png
Age: 26 Location: Benitcoast City
Battle Theme:
Signature Pokémon Theme:
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