PTU: Leader Miguel Navose


Landscaping, Botany, Floristry


Miguel Navose is the current basic-level Gym Leader of Avenrest Town. Before he became a Gym Leader, he was an average Pokémon Trainer and a traveler. He took interest in going around the entire region, taking note of all the local flora that found their home in Vraiterre. He was in love with the beauty of nature and how intricate they are despite their delicate or sturdy nature. He eventually found someone who shared the same interest and passion on the same road and then they became traveling partners together. After a long time of traveling and Pokémon battling, they both settled down in Avenrest. He married his partner, a beautiful woman named Flora Elaine, and opened up a small Flower Shop and made a quiet living. Together they made beautiful flower arrangement for many different occasions like weddings, birthdays, and gifts and sold plants and flowers for others to take care of. On the side, Miguel took the hobby of gardening.

His wife, Flora, was a strong-willed Pokémon trainer who specialized in Grass Types. She was a sturdy and immobile like a tree, but beautiful and elegant like the flowers around her. But she always put being a Pokémon Trainer aside to be a mother, a wife, and a florist fire. However, when the call came from the Elite Four and to set up Gym Leaders for the league, Flora was chosen and passed the test to become a Gym Leader. She was provided a great challenge to all champions-to-be.

But even a sturdy tree can become sick a frail. Flora became ill one day and was forced to retire as a Gym Leader. After being sick and bed-ridden in the hospital for more than a year, she passed away. This affected Miguel and his children greatly, with Miguel continuing his work as a florist and a gardener to keep his mind of the death of his wife. But with encouragement by his own children, he took his wife's old Pokémon and trained hard. Eventually, he was strong enough to take over the spot that his wife has left behind.

He still continues to tend gardens and work in his Flower Shop, but his children who are now adults took over the work for him. Miguel never continued to find another partner after the death of Flora, but now he brings out the beauty of nature through the Pokémon his wife has left behind. But his gentleness gave him the sweet title of "Tender Loving Care".

There is a small tree near his shop with a plaque that reads: "In Loving Memory of Flora Elaine-Navose. Her seeds of beauty and hope have been firmly planted in our hearts.'

Tender Loving Care
Type: grass.png
Age: 30 Location: Avenrest Town
Battle Theme:
Signature Pokémon Theme:
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