PTU: Leader Hailey Faust


Foraging, Crafting, Pokémon Care, Defense


Hailey Faust is an Advanced Level Gym Leader and official protector of Selenfrost Village, residing in the northern mountainous regions of the Vraiterre Region. As the tradition of her home, she practices the old ways of her people and uses technology sparingly. She is well known for her ability to forage and craft from seemingly nothing. From her own clothes and accessories, she always finds a use from all things and makes them useful. Her ferocity and gentleness as a protector gave her the title, Spirit of the White Wolf.

When she is not actively doing her Gym Leader duties, Hailey is eager to help around her small little home and interact with occasional travelers. She is always on the look out for any dangers that come to the town/village and deals with any troublemakers swiftly. You could occasionally find her on the routes looking for extra food, but thanks to modernization, her village/town does not require this duty as much and can easily find food from other places. So if you are looking for her, act quickly, because she is constantly on the move.

It is said that Hailey was born with the gift to connect deeply with nature itself. Even as a child she has an automatic bond and care for the wild Pokémon around her, as if they were her own children. There are rumours on how Hailey met her ace Pokémon, a type-shifted Lycanroc. But based off the little information Hailey gave to the public, she met her as a Rockruff that strayed far from her own route.

As an Ice Gym Leader, she has a close relationship with Candice from the Sinnoh Region. They are almost seen as sisters despite their cultural differences. You can see her hanging out with Candice whenever both have the time to spare.

She often likes looking at the latest fashion trends.

Spirit of the White Wolf
Type: ice.png
Age: 22 Location: Selenfrost Village
Battle Theme:
Signature Pokémon Theme:
Guild Wars 2 Soundtrack | Norn theme
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