PTU: Leader Cassandra Ivrall


Charm, Dance


Cassandra Ivrall, Gym Leader of Rhondonrdige Village, is a Vraiterran native, performer of a native style of exotic dance, and celebrity. Her famous performances that she has done at her local theatre and around the region captivated the hearts and minds of every on-looker. Her moves are entrancing and the audience could feel her passion of the art of dance burn internally and externally, resonating throughout the entire venue with every movement she makes. Her title, "The Burning Mirage", is well known all over Vraiterre, as she captivating charm in both dance and battle leaves everyone dazzled and confused, as if they are seeing more than one. Her skills make her a well-respected dance figure and a Pokémon Trainer. She also been seen dancing alongside her Pokémon team from time to time, assisting in her performances.

Whenever Cassandra isn't occupied with his Gym duties, you can find her on popular talk shows from different regions, working on her choreography in her private dance studio for her next big project, or making guest appearances in dance studios across Vraiterre offering free advice and instruction to help keep her art of dance alive with passion. She is always on the move and you will never know when you can find her next when she is not taking any Gym challenges.

However, she will always make time when it comes to being a Gym Leader and a Pokémon Trainer. In numerous talk shows that ask her regarding her position of being a Gym Leader, she states, "I love Pokémon battles as much as I love dancing. I love seeing people who show their burning passion through battles. Everything from the way a Pokémon uses their moves and abilities, to the drive when a Trainer is backed into a corner… it's very exciting to watch and be part of."

When she is not dancing, her clothing is very plain and conservative. Most of the time, she is often found all bundled up head-to-toe, even in talk shows. When asked, she states that she prefers "function over fashion".

Although Cassandra is not proud of it, she eats a lot.

The Burning Mirage
Type: fire.png
Age: 24 Location: Rhodonridge Village
Battle Theme:
Signature Pokémon Theme:
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