PTU: Leader Adeleine Schultz


Folk Lore, History, Dollmaking, Charm, Defense, Psychological Combat


Adeleine Schultz originally came from the Kalos Region, where she is the only child of Inez and Gabriel Schultz. She is born into an exceptionally wealthy and influencial family, where her parents owned stocks in many of the region's most prominent companies. Based on the casual, public observation, Adeleine was living on the lap of luxury and charm, which drew a lot of envy.

Since she was only homeschooled and kept away from the other children of her age, Adeleine never knew how to talk to others and how to make any real friendships. On top of that, her own parents were often too busy attending "important" cocktail parties or closing business deals to give any time to pay attention to her. So aside from the assistants that attended her home, Adeleine was constantly alone with her own toys and books.

In order to cope with her feelings of isolation, Adeleine collected dolls. Believing that if she was surrounded with toys and figurines, it would make up for her lack of friends and help alleviate that loneliness. She bought dolls from all shapes and sizes and, after a process of trial and error, she began to create her own. And to this day, she still loves and very protective of her dolls and keeps them in mint condition.

After her parents realized how shut-in their daughter was, they decided to move her out to her own home in the new Vraiterre region in the hopes that she goes out on her own. She is not alone, however, as she is being supervised by her closest servant, Sebastian, to make sure she is being taken care of properly. With a few connections and completely destroying the aptitude exam, she became a Gym Leader.

She is a skilled and well-educated trainer who is protects her Pokémon as if they were dolls as well. She sees them as an extension of her collection and cares for them even more meticulously. Although she is the Gym Leader of Chalcehome Town, she is quite shy, awkward and, while capable of charming others, prefers to stick with her Pokémon, dolls, and stories. Her obsession with dolls, her own beautiful porcelain-like features, and his withheld personality granted her the title of "The Living Doll".

Her current favourite doll is a blonde porcelain doll named Susie.

The Living Doll
Type: fairy.png
Age: 18 Location: Chalcehome Town
Battle Theme:
Signature Pokémon Theme:
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