PTU: Leader Achilles Oath


Boxing, Personal Combat, Endurance


Achilles Oath is a world renowned ex-boxer and the Gym Leader of Agate City. He was one of the few people that decided to for-go Pokémon battles and continue studying the art of human-to-human combat. Although there were plenty of different kinds of martial arts, Achilles adopted to learn and start a career in the Unovan sport of boxing.

Making his star debut on the arena at the young age of 16, Achilles remained as an undefeated monster in the ring. He knows how to hit fast and hit hard, lasting longer than any of his opponents. He gained some infamy due to his playfulness in the ring and how it seems like he wasn't "taking it seriously" and dropping his guard to "dance" around his opponents whenever he had the chance.

His own strength can put him toe-to-toe with most wild Pokémon alone. There are some rumours that people have stumbled upon Achilles fighting a Hitmonchan or an Ursaring and winning that unlikely match-up. Perhaps that was Achilles own unorthodox method of keeping himself in top shape for every match, outside of his usual sparring team.

Achilles regrettably announced his retirement from professional boxing at the age of 24, ending his short yet fruitful eight year career. Although Achilles refused to share any details behind the reason for his retirement to the media, it is widely believed that if he continued at the same pace as he did, his injuries would catch up to him and either kill him or put him in a debilitating state.

He practiced his skills as a Pokémon trainer, specializing in Fighting Type Pokémon. Using his own personal experience, he transferred his knowledge to his Pokémon, making them into intense fighters. It took him no time to reach the ranks of Pokémon Gym Leader, although his simplistic and traditional Gym Challenge puts him in the basic-level of the region. But don't let that make you underestimate his power.

Outside his Gym Leader duties, he is often interacting and helping out the locals or keeping himself in shape. On special, rare occasions, Achilles does appear in exhibition matches but usually it is for charity.

From time to time, Achilles likes to relax and knit when he is doing nothing.

The K-O King
Type: fighting.png
Age: 28 Location: Agate City
Battle Theme:
Signature Pokémon Theme:
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