PTU: Lab Aide Daniella Pine


Daniella Pine is regarded as the unofficial "head aide" of the Pokémon Research Facility. You can expect to see her helping out visitors and other employees than Professor Derrick Maple. Her active involvement with helping the youths start their journey as Pokémon trainers makes her seem like she was the Professor herself.

It should be said that Daniella is not a Pokémon professor, yet. Her main goal is to become an official Pokémon Professor herself, but she is currently unable to find any breaking field of research that puts her in the map. However, she is doing her best to assist Professor Maple's primary and secondary fields in the mean time. She once tried to become a trainer when she was younger like most kids in the day, but it did not bode well for her in her journey. After a certain incident, she decided to fall back into becoming a researcher and retire early from trainer-hood.

She has a kind and gentle demeanor that helps her get a long with mostly everyone and makes her a fairly popular figure in the facility. If you ever have questions or need her help when visiting, never be afraid to find and ask her. You can usually find her by the field full of Pokémon, making sure everything is going well.

It is best if you do not ask her about her love life.

The Lady of the Lab
Age: 28 Location: Carnelport City
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