PTU: Elite Four Vera Song


Intimidation, Management, Persuasion, Combat


Vraiterre's growth is owed to by the contributions of two Families who are face-to-face for control over the region. Their strength and influence is deep seeded into the roots of the land, but they both have learned from the failings of Giovanni to keep their dealings on the down-low. A treaty was made between the two giants, but that doesn't keep the two bitter enemies away from their animosity for each other. Now their heads take up two of the spots of the Elite Four.

Vera Song is the Head Mother of the Azure Serpents and a member of the Elite Four specializing in Dragon Types. She is a cold, emotionless woman who keeps her Family close but her foes closer. Those who are rude or is disrespectful to Vera are to be handled and punished severely. But those who respect and gain Vera's favour will be guaranteed protection and care. Whoever earns her ire will never see the light of day.

Even at a young age, Vera never showed much emotion. This never changed when she gained the seat as the Mother of the Azure Serpents. However, it could be said that it only made her coldness even worse than it ever was before. She prefers actions over words, and as a Trainer, her presence is overwhelming. Her relentless power with her Dragon Type Pokémon rivals that of Lance, and she earned her spot as the Elite Four regardless of her position. If you are caught off guard by her, your fate will be sealed in combat. For this, she was given the fitting title of "The Dragoness".

The Azure Serpents nowadays deal with mercenary work and have a legal front that deals with numerous types of trades. Although they do have contracts with the underground, they only deal infrequently to minimize of the chance of becoming another Team Rocket.

Someone saw her smile once. Once.

The Dragoness
Type: dragon.png
Age: 32 Home Location: Benitcoast City
Battle Theme:
Signature Pokémon Theme:
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