PTU: Elite Four Raquel Carrera


Engineering, Technology


Raquel Carrera is a well respected member of Vraiterre's Elite Four, and a head figure of Vraiterre's Engineering and Technology Council. She was born and raised in Agate City, being in the centre of the rapid growth in the "new" region. She was a child prodigy, who greatly excelled in Mathematics and Science in her schooling such that even tackled university-level subjects in her pre-teens. Because of this, Raquel is often found at the heart of Vraiterre's development and technological advances.

However, she was just an average Pokémon Trainer as she only focused on her academics. But when the call to establish Vraiterre's own regional Pokémon League arrived, she decided to drop her current project to pursue a seat. It was a gruelling experience that took time, but with her Steel Type Pokémon, she learned and grew with them. After applying her analytical prowess in Pokémon battles, she truly started to shine and eventually she earned her spot as one of the Elites.

Despite her high position, Raquel Carrera is still a normal woman. When she is not busting her ass off working on the next big project for the region or taking on challengers at the League, she just likes to lie around her home, watch TV, and do some exercising. She makes her rounds around the Region doing talks to local schools and institutions, appearing in shows, or just sightseeing to relax.

You would think she would already have a significant other, but it couldn't be farther from the truth. With her two positions and being attractive makes her someone way out of people's league in many people's minds. Doesn't help that she is more of a shut-in when doing or not doing her job(s).

She is practically married to her position and chocolate is her only best friend.

The Queen of Tech
Type: steel.png
Age: 30 Home Location: Agate City
Battle Theme:
Signature Pokémon Theme:
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