PTU: Apex Admin Scarlet


Scarlet is Jonathan's aunt and an Admin of The Apex Group. She has a bad reputation for being incredibly rough and harsh to Apex employees, and she does not get along with anyone. There are even times where even she has arguments with her nephew. It is beyond the minds of many employees why Scarlet is still working for The Apex Group, but they soon learn to just live with it. The leading theory is that she is guilting Jonathan in a way that stops him from outright firing her from her position.

She is narrow minded and only has her eyes set on more profit and success, not thinking about consequences or for the thoughts of the people involved with his decisions. Despite being an Admin, she is out for herself and not for the company as a whole. Thankfully, Jonathan is capable handling Scarlet before terrible decisions are about to be made.

She will never bake you cookies.

The Blood Mother
Age: 64 Location: X
Battle Theme:
Signature Pokémon Theme:
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