PTU: Apex Leader Jonathan Rivers


A father, an engineer, and an entrepreneur. Jonathan Rivers is the current president of tech giant Apex Group. He succeeded his father, the former president and founder, Frédéric Rivers, after his announced retirement from the business.

After Jonathan took the seat as president for the Apex Group, the company has seen a directional shift from Pokémon-related technologies to robotics. This was cemented during the public release of their first security-class android, Alpha, who was the first among many different models to be released and sold. However, Apex continues to manufacture and improve existing Pokémon technologies to compete with Silph Co. and Devon Corp with Jonathan still being the mind behind it all.

In the early days as a teenager, Jonathan decided to opt out from being a Pokémon Trainer to follow the footstep of his father. He continued his studies in both fields of engineering and business after graduating. He worked under Apex during his study, designing and developing new technologies while hiding the fact that he was the president's son. His android project was among many of projects he did under them.

Throughout his years as an adult, he met a Pokémon Trainer named Clara Ayers, got to know her, and then married her a few years later. They had a beautiful daughter named Samantha soon after. But following a closed incident years later, his daughter Samantha is now under custody of Clara's sister, Claire.

Jonathan misses her everyday.

Apex Group President
Age: 42 Location: Agate City
Battle Theme:
Battle! VS ZameJack: Original Composition
Signature Pokémon Theme:
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